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The Difference Between ICS/DCS and SCADA Security

August 20, 2012

Anthony M. Freed, from Infosec Island met up with James Arlen at the 2012 BlackHat Conference in Las Vegas to learn more about the differences between the two systems, how people view them, how to differentiate between the two, and what needs to happen in order for people and businesses to stay safe...

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When to Strike Back: Mitigative and Retributive Counterstriking

August 10, 2012

Our information and cyber security perimeters and infrastructures are battered daily by scores of probes, scans, and attacks. We stand in defensive posture ducking, bobbing and weaving as we try to avoid the offensive onslaught. It is a losing proposition. Isn't it time we started striking back?

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LIGHTS: Addressing Cybersecurity for Smaller Facilities

April 26, 2012

Watch the roundtable launch of the LIGHTS program from April 24. LIGHTS Chair Chris Blask opens with a presentation on major issues facing industrial facilities, then is joined by Energysec's Steve Parker, Joel Langill a.k.a. SCADAHacker, and AWWA's Kevin Morley and Gary Sturdavan...

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Video: Cyber Security for Smart Energy Systems

April 09, 2012

Chris Wysopal discusses why it is so important to the power grid to write secure code for software, how computer intrusion methods have changed in over past two decades, the impact of data breaches on modern organizations, and the necessity for thorough testing prior to launch...

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