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When to Strike Back: Mitigative and Retributive Counterstriking

August 10, 2012

Our information and cyber security perimeters and infrastructures are battered daily by scores of probes, scans, and attacks. We stand in defensive posture ducking, bobbing and weaving as we try to avoid the offensive onslaught. It is a losing proposition. Isn't it time we started striking back?

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How to Deal with a Security Incident

June 01, 2012

"Incidents are bound to happen, there's no avoiding it!" Brian Honan, internationally recognized information security expert, offers tips on how to respond to security incidents...

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Security Incident Management

May 23, 2012

When you’re faced with an incident what do you do? Do you even realise there’s an incident? Do you ignore it? Or do you hide under the covers? All these things happen and usually the best laid plans usually end up in the bin when an incident does strike. How can one prevent this?

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