The Business Case for a Next-Generation SIEM

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Heather Howland


Delivering operational efficiencies and lower costs through an integrated approach to network security management.

The selection of the most effective IT technology is a major concern for companies of all sizes, across almost every industry.

In the current economic climate, organizations face the difficult task of prioritizing where to best spend their limited budgets so that they emerge from these uncertain times as strong, viable companies.

Feeling this pain most acutely are those who deliver critical network services and applications.

Despite adverse economic conditions, they must still meet a variety of requirements, such as:

• Meeting evolving and increasing numbers of regulatory mandates

• Securing IT assets from continually evolving threats

• Delivering security controls for existing and emerging technology solutions

There will be difficult, economically-driven choices to be made, and organizations need to be strategic in selecting the solutions they will deploy.

This paper from Q1 Labs will help outline the challenges and key things to consider in order to build a business case for deploying a SIEM solution.

Download This Free White Paper Here

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