FireEye Reveals APT30: A Decade-Long Cyber Espionage Campaign Targeting South East Asia

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Mike Lennon


FireEye on Sunday uncovered details of a decade-long cyber espionage campaign carried out by China targeting governments, journalists and businesses in South East Asia and India.

Likely state sponsored by the Chinese government, FireEye said the threat actor group has been conducting cyber espionage operations since at least 2005 and is one of the first to use malware that infects air-gapped networks.

Dubbed APT30 by FireEye, the group is supported by seasoned software developers following well-organized software development practices.

According to FireEye, the attackers are “particularly interested” in targets holding information related to regional political, military, and economic issues, disputed territories, and media outlets and journalists who cover topics pertaining to China and the legitimacy of the Chinese Communist Party.

Read the Full Stor at SecurityWeek

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