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Wednesday, March 04, 2015

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48 hours Left for Early Bird Pricing for Suits and Spooks London!

May 6-7, 2015 | techUK

Suits and Spooks London 2015 will be our first 2-day international event, and is jointly produced with techUK, an association of over 850 companies that's funded by the British government.

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Speakers will include Mrs. Marina Litvinenko (invited pending confirmation), the widow of Alexander Litvinenko, a Russian FSB officer who was granted asylum in London and was assassinated in 2006.

Other speakers include Kim Zetter who will speak about her book about Stuxnet "Countdown to Zero Day", Jeffrey Carr, who will reveal information on Cyclone, an FSB case study on technology acquisition, and New York Police Department Deputy Commissioner Zach Tumin will speak about the NYPD's use of social media to catch criminals.

The agenda (still in development) and a list of speakers is available at, and registration for the two day event, which includes continental breakfast, lunch and tea breaks is available at our low early bird rate until Friday March 6!

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