Suing our way to Better Security... Redux

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Jayson Wylie


One of the latest publicly known Government Data Breaches has incurred yet another lawsuit for the people by the people’s lawyers.

First, I want to mention the depth of the lawsuit and the misperception of the monetary and punitive damages that can be incurred through Personal Identifiable Information (PII) loss resulting in fraud or victimization.

I really feel that this lack of proper security in a Government agency can’t be confined to 600k limits when the quantity of victims is millions of people.

I would look for a good pro bono lawyer to set precedence upon the obscure realm of security litigation resulting in possible identity theft or compromise of accounts presumed protected by the government.

It would not be focused on a single instance of negligence that has an upper limit of 600k dollars for 3.6 or so million victims! 

I feel each instance can be considered independent not because of the occurrence of one breach but the affects of exposure and the damages that can be incurred through a single loss.

I posted a previous blog here about the Linkedin breach and I didn’t believe that had much ground to stand on.

Here is a similar, albeit less impacting, instance Utah Breach of an information leak that puts the American people at risk or against the odds of identity theft or greater.

Neither one of these cases should be considered a minor event in this age of Cyber.

I really don’t think the government and all its vectors can be totally secured because of the gaping holes in most establishments.

They also can’t afford 600k per victim but maybe there should be some sort of insurance organization funded and backed by the government to cover losses due to these types of security failures.

This type of protection would be similar to FDIC protections and could also include the help to fix credit ratings affected by information, for fraud, purchased by the cents or for free by the criminal underground.

There must be protections for the citizens from incompetence in the government or other establishments of inferred information trust.

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