2012 Norton Cybercrime Report Presents a Worrisome Scenario

Thursday, September 06, 2012

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Here we go again with our regular appointment with Symantec and its report on cybercrime, "The Yearly Norton Cybercrime Report", a document that analyzes the evolution of  cyber criminal activities and their impact.

The report covers different technologies including and social networking and mobile devices, reporting the impact of cybercrime on customers in economic terms.

The report involved 13,018 participants across 24 countries aged 18-64 and a pool of expert collaborators.

The impact of cybercrime is worrying with 556 million of victims per year, 2 of 3 adults have been victims of online crime in their lifetime, with a total economic loss of 110 Billion and an average cost per victim of $197.

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The Asian region is the most affected by cybercrime, with the global price tag of consumer cybercrime for China amounting to 46 Billion, followed by the US with 21 Billion and Europe with 16 Billion.

The highest numbers of cybercrime victims were found in Russia (92 percent), China (84 percent) and South Africa (80 percent).

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The areas that have suffered from a major increase in cybercrime are social networks and mobile devices.

44% of users aren't aware of the existence of solutions for mobile environments, and 35% of adults have lost their mobile device or had it stolen.

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Of particular concern is the improper use of social networks, poor management of sessions, absence of validation of visited links and a total ignorance of any security settings which expose users to fraudulent activities.

15 percent of users have had their account infiltrated, and 1 in 10 have been victims of fake links or scams.

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Also extremely worrying is the way in which people use public networks and operate on them, for example in accessing to private services such as email.

Email accounts are one of the most attractive targets for cybercriminals because they represent a simple way to access to sensitive information.

"When using public connections, 67 percent access email, 63 percent use social networking and 24 percent access their bank account, according to the report."

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I found it really interesting in the reading of the report that security firms could give us a vision on the evolution of cyber threats, and of course some best practices for those users too "distracted" or un aware of the incoming risks.

The report confirms that the cybercrime industry is a factory that has no crisis and that moves amounts of money comparable to the economical revenue of a State.

The increasing cybercrime trend demonstrates the need to put in place further countermeasures, and of course a massive awareness campaign.

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