ICS-CERT: Siemens Synco OZW Web Server Vulnerability

Monday, August 13, 2012

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Siemens has reported to ICS-CERT that a default password vulnerability exists in the Siemens Synco OZW Web Server device used for building automation systems. Siemens urges their customers to set a secure password on their device’s web interface. This vulnerability could be exploited remotely.

Siemens reports that the default password vulnerability affects the following Synco models:

• OZW775
• OZW672.01, OZW672.04, OZW672.16
• OZW772.01, OZW772.04, OZW772.16, OZW772.250.

For the listed products, all firmware versions prior to Version 4 do not force users to change their password on initial login.


An attacker could use the default password in these devices to gain unauthorized administrative access to the building automation network.

Impact to individual organizations depends on many factors that are unique to each organization. ICS-CERT recommends that organizations evaluate the impact of this vulnerability based on their operational environment, architecture, and product implementation.


Siemens Synco OZW devices are used for remote operation and monitoring of building automation devices. The affected models offer interfaces that can be used over networks, such as the Internet.


DEFAULT PASSWORD:  Siemens Synco OZW devices are shipped with a default password protecting administrative functions. The installation procedure does not enforce a password change. This leaves a potential security gap in the asset owner/operator’s network. CVE-2012-3020 has been assigned to this vulnerability. A CVSS v2 base score of 9.0 has been assigned; the CVSS vector string is (AV:N/AC:L/Au:N/C:P/I:P/A:C).

EXPLOITABILITY:  This vulnerability could be exploited remotely.

EXISTENCE OF EXPLOIT:  No known public exploits specifically target this vulnerability.

DIFFICULTY:  An attacker with a low-skill level could exploit these vulnerabilities.


Siemens has released a firmware update (Version 4) for the OZW672 and OZW772 devices that enforces a password change at initial login.d Customers may upgrade to this firmware version, but this is not required to change the default password on existing devices. Siemens urges customers to set a secure password on the web interface for all network devices.

The full ICS=CERT advisory can be found here:

Source:  http://www.us-cert.gov/control_systems/pdf/ICSA-12-214-01.pdf

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