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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Scott Thomas


Part of the Information Security profession is staying abreast of the news and events in the technology world.

You need to know what attacks are going on in order to know how to defend against them.

When you start out in this industry you feel like you’re always behind, always trying to catch up. You read everything you can get your hands on, hoping that you don’t miss something important.

The problem with this is that it consumes all your free time. After a while, you begin to see what you can pass over or just skim. New virus comes out? Great, there’s a update against it right? I can skip the part about how it was discovered on one machine on the other side of the world.
What you start to realize though, is you become addicted to information overload. You follow hundreds of people on twitter, dozens of blogs, you peruse the tech sites, and if there is a lull in the timeline for even five minutes, you start to wonder if you lost your Internet connection.

You skim your twitter stream looking for articles to read, glossing over someone asking a question or looking for help. You start to read a longer article with an actual build-up and you get frustrated because they aren’t getting to the point fast enough.

What you don’t realize is that “the point” sometimes is the build-up. Journalists get paid to tell a story, so that’s what they’re going to do.
Even those that you look up to in the industry, the ones that you think “wow…they really have it together, how do they keep up?” are skimming too. The ones that follow over a thousand people?

Attending DefCon, I found out they see it as drinking from a fire hose as well. They miss things. The humble ones admit it and are willing to talk about it. They try to keep in touch with the people in our industry that matter.

They try to stay plugged in as best they can. They are going to miss things, just like we all miss things. What matters is that they are trying, just like you are. When you think you know it all is when you have the most to learn.

Keep reading, you never know what you may miss.

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