An Urgent Message to My Supporters

Friday, July 27, 2012

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On this first day of Defcon, it appears my @th3j35t3r twitter account has been suspended. Coincidence? Probably not.

We all know I have some pretty desperate enemies who will stop at nothing to see me inconvenienced, discredited or otherwise annoyed. So here’s the upshot.

I have mentioned abandoned and shut down email accounts before, unfortunately the email account associated with my twitter account is long since shutdown (IE it no longer exists logic there was – they can’t hack an email account that doesn’t exist right?), which leaves me unable to communicate with twitter at this time, so I have had to use my blog as a method to verify that it is me speaking as we know I get lots of impersonators.

By total happen-stance, earlier today I had a brief conversation over twitter DM, with a very polite Mr Randy Janinda of Twitter Security AKA @janinda with reference to getting my account ‘VERIFIED’ in order to mitigate impersonations. This is why I directly include him in this message as he knows that conversation occurred, and hopefully can help me out with this suspension thing.

I am not in possession of the reasons why I have been suspended but am confident it’s either a bot that constantly reports me as spam to twitter or some other false report against me by my enemies. It wouldn’t surprise me if I got reported by unsavory characters as responsible for todays earlier twitter outage, which obviously I am not.

I am hoping that @twitter and @janinda  and @ed will be directed to this blog post by my supporters so that we can resolve this unfortunate matter quickly. I apologize I had to do this blog post but in light of the fact the email account associated with my twitter no longer exists it’s the only way I can communicate with twitter and them be sure they are talking to me, not an imposter.

I do not hold Twitter in any contempt over this, and am confident they will make things right.

Thank you to all. Hopefully will have voice again soon.

There’s an unequal amount of good and bad in most things. The trick is to figure out the ratio and act accordingly.


‘@th3j35t3r MT @janinda: … account suspension. We do have a process for this. Impacted parties must file ticket:’

Sir, I have filed a ticket, but for the reasons outlined above regarding the associated email account I am unable to see your response, hence this blog post.

Let’s get this fixed huh? I know exactly who is behind this dirty tricks attempt, it’s the same person (plus sheep) who has dedicated the last year of her life to messing with me, I ignore 99% of the abuse I take over twitter, and now for once finally find myself asking for help. Don’t be intimidated by the likes of:

@@Shm00pTheGod who posted this direct threat to a Twitter Staffer:

‘if @th3j35t3r gets unsuspended i will be posting @janinda‘s SSN.#CarefulFaggot

(original link here:

Here’s another  (original here):

@SHG_Nackt @squ1d_w0rd @th3j35t3r this was revenge for alqaedasec’s suspension #JihadOnJestersTwitterLOL

I deal with these asses daily (when I can be bothered) but I duly note that those folks are still able to tweet freely while I remain politely suspended, leaving me unable to defend myself, or indeed you (and you know I still would). 

I also notice how (up till now) @asherahresearch is unusually quiet lol. I have explained the situation, and I would really like my account back. Please.

As I am sure you are aware, I have been with you 3 years almost, and taken a whole lotta stuff, death threats, psycho-babble etc from lets face it – twitter users, and I ignore it.

So lets try to be reasonable, I just want my 3 years worth of hard work, intellectual property, blood sweat and tears back. I think we both know, my use of twitter has not been detrimental to either of us? Lets not make a case of it. We are all busy people right?

I ain’t done yet.

I urge you to look at my enemies, then look at those who support me, they are all Twitter users but the stark difference between the former and the latter is firstly the numbers and secondly level of intellect and ability to not sound like a total tard when delivering their own personal message.


Account restored. Thanks all.



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