Philippine - China Cyber War: Silic Leader Doxed and Frustrated

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Jay Turla


PHL - China Cyber War Extra Scene | Silic Group Leader Doxed and Frustrated

I have been following the so-called Philippine - China Cyber War which was branded as a cyber war by the media and as some sort of hacktivism by some people.

In fact I wrote an article about its history in Infosec Institute in order to demystify its origins and how the hype started.

It started first as a dispute of the Panatag Shoal  / Scarborough Shoal / Huangyan Island then some Chinese defacers defaced the official website of the University of the Philippines and left a note that says "We come from China! Huangyan Island is Ours!".

After the news spread that it was defaced, Filipino or Pinoy defacers retaliated and defaced some of the Chinese government websites. And so an exchange of defacements and DDoS or DoS attacks started between these two groups.

In this short article, I will share to you guys an extra scene from the Philippine - China Cyber War. A few weeks ago, busabos from the Anonymous #OccupyPhilippines defaced two government websites from China and posted the pictures and details of Wang Lei a.k.a y0c0 smart, the leader of the Silic Group Hacker Army and the admin of which is the forum site of Silic Group Hacker Army.

FYI, the forum contains their plans about defacing more Philippine government websites. He was also archived in the SoldierX Hacker Database or HDB which is the largest hacker database in the internet and rumored to be rivaled by FBI's HDB.


After y0c0 smart learned that he was doxed, he got angry and posted a status in his personal Facebook about the dox and told the Filipino defacers and his Filipino friends in Facebook that he can also hack the webistes that the Filipinos defaced and backdoored (I guess he knew where the backdoor shells are, but that I dunno).

wang lei

So he also did reveal that he was y0c0 smart and was never afraid of what will happen to him despite the dox. He also said that their group is supported by the Chinese government which has no basis yet but could be a possibility.

So if this is true, then the April 23, 2012 DDoS attacks in the government portal website of the Philippines could also be state sponsored.

And so this ends an extra scene from the the fight between the members of the Philippine underground group and the Silic Group Army which may be a group sponsored by the Chinese government.

So what's next? I dunno, I'm just a story teller and a history researcher.

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