Infosec Island Seeks Industry Partners for Security Conferences

Monday, May 07, 2012

Infosec Island Admin


Infosec Island is seeking industry partners interested in increasing their organization's visibility at the major security conferences held across the United states and in Europe.

Through a combination of custom content publication that features specific products and services, video interviews with company personnel onsite at the shows, and traditional banner advertisement campaigns, organizations can better leverage the impact of attendance and participation at key industry events.

Events include the RSA Conference in San Francisco, Black Hat Trainings in Europe and Las Vegas, Hacker Halted in Miami, DEFCON, multiple regional Security BSides Events, and other conferences upon request.

The three month bundled package provides partners with the following:

  • 100K Banner Impressions per Month
  • Two Premium Custom Content Promotions per Month
  • Publication of Three Video Interviews Conducted at the Event

Interested parties can contact Lance Miller ( for full details including stats on the success of previous campaigns, samples of custom content promotions, and examples of the onsite video interviews.

Infosec Island is an open community of information security professionals across a broad spectrum specialties, working in a variety of industries, who share their knowledge of information security best practices, compliance, and governance issues.

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