Off Topic: What to do about Conspiracy Theorists?

Monday, May 21, 2012

Joel Harding


I received an alert recently about an article dealing with Electronic Warfare or EW. Since EW has always been one of the components of Information Operations I decided to take a look. 

Mistake. Here is the article. It is labeled “Ban Electronic Warfare on Civilians”.

My very first indicator, before I even had to think, was that the title was in ALL CAPS or all capital letters. In the writing world this is much like shouting and it’s been bad internet etiquette for the 20 or so years I’ve been cruising the net.

The second was the thought of conducting actually EW on civilians.  I mean, who would want to jam a civilian receiver except in a time of war?  Then the only purpose would be to put a higher powered signal onto a their receiver so they would receive your transmission and not the other station.

But that was not what they meant by Electronic Warfare.  Bear with me, please.  This is a quote right from the “petition”.  EW is

"…“this technology links the brains of people via implanted microchips to satellites controlled by ground-based super-computers”- simply beaming targets into metastasizing sickness & even premature deaths. This travesty is the ultimate system in demoralizing mind control surveillance, espionage, exploitation, terrorism & “the biggest threat to humanity.”"

Let’s see if I have this right.  The government does not have an unlimited supply of money or supercomputers, they certainly don’t have an unlimited pool of workers and they have only so much bandwidth to deal with important issues at hand. 

Amidst war, pestilence and other nefarious threats, THIS is the “biggest threat to humanity”?

The author of this petition, and 1,470 more people (at 5:57 pm on 28 April 2012) might actually think they are the subject of a US government (or other government) experiment to control their minds, cause sickness or even death?  I pray thee, tell me why?

Implanted microchips. Please tell me, when did they implant the microchip?  Why have no microchips ever shown up on an x-ray, an MRI, a CT scan or any other medical test and reported in the news?

I know they implant chips in dogs but one must irradiate the chip from close proximity to energize the chip and receive contact information…  and I believe they must remove the chip first.  True?

Satellites. We are already bandwidth constrained when it comes to satellite communications, I seriously doubt they’re going to devote precious bandwidth to a mind-control experiment.

Second, for that “microchip” to have enough power to be received by a satellite, we’re talking some serious power and they’d have to replace the batteries, often. Also, if this microchip was transmitting, don’t you think it would cause RF interference and be located?

Test subjects.  Why were these test subjects chosen?  I would think a mad “US Government” scientist would pick people with no family, no kids, no wife, no husband.  These people might be considered ‘expendable’ to be considered an ideal experimental subject. But what happens when they marry? 

What happens when they die and their body is taken for an autopsy or directly to the funeral home?  Does someone show up, flash a badge and say “please step outside for one minute”…  while they take the “microchip” out.

I run across all kinds of whack jobs, all kinds of folks convinced we can be brainwashed, we are the subjects of mind control experiments, and the government has legions of workers dedicated to track our every move…  I ignore them. 

I usually glance at what they write so that I can ignore it more quickly the next time.  But I am a little curious, have you run across many mentally challenged individuals that actually believe this stuff?

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