Apple: Critical Update for Java for OS X Lion and Mac OS X

Wednesday, April 04, 2012




Apple has released a critical Java update to mitigate multiple vulnerabilities that "may allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code, cause a denial-of-service condition, or disclose sensitive information," according to US-CERT.

The following products are included in the updates:

  • OS X v10.6.8
  • OS X server v10.6.8
  • OS X Lion v10.7.3
  • Lion Server v10.7.3

According to the Apple support web page, "Multiple vulnerabilities exist in Java 1.6.0_29, the most serious of which may allow an untrusted Java applet to execute arbitrary code outside the Java sandbox."

"Visiting a web page containing a maliciously crafted untrusted Java applet may lead to arbitrary code execution with the privileges of the current user. These issues are addressed by updating to Java version 1.6.0_31," the post explains.

More information can be obtained at the Oracle Java website:


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