New Release of COREvidence Multi-Engine Vulnerability Service at RSA Conference

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Nabil Ouchn


New Release of COREvidence® The Multi-Engines Vulnerability Service at RSA Conference 2012

This year, NETpeas has officially presented its innovative solution COREvidence® at one of the most renowned and respected security events: The RSA® Conference held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco from February 27th to March 2nd 2012.

NETpeas Booth 141 at RSA (we proudly Speak CVE and CWE)

Rachid (NETpeas CEO) & Nabil (NETpeas CTO) At NETpeas Booth

It was a great moment for us, because we had the chance to meet some of our Technology Partners (Qualys, Rapid7). The RSA Conference was also the perfect timing to launch a new stable, improved and revamped version of COREvidence®. Indeed, this new release is as successful as hoped.

This newest release comes with a bunch of new features and concepts. The dashboard has been designated to display clear and specific data for our users. At a glance customers determine the assets with the least secure status.  All relevant information related to vulnerabilities such as criticality, attack vectors and an overall scoring grade patented by NETpeas (ScoRISK™) is there to help out customers to better prepare & organize the "Patch Management Process".

Needless to say that these metrics are built aligned with the Open Standards Requirements. And to prove this commitment, we sent two Compatibility Requests to the Mitre Organization regarding CVE and CWE ( and

Another innovation we bring is the "Multi-Scan PCI". We rely on different technologies before deciding regarding the asset alignment with the PCI-DSS requirements. In addition, we use aMalware Scan” to verify some vulnerabilities and discrepancies not covered by conventional scanners & solutions. COREvidence® “PCI Scan Service” is one of the most complete on the market today.

Rachid (NETpeas CEO) at Moscone Center RSA 2012

The Live demo sessions have allowed our visitors & guest to see the Multi-Engines Scanning Concept in action. Several renowned IT Security personalities had stopped by our booth and validated the power and added-value of our innovative concept namely : The Cloud Based Multi-Engine Vulnerability Management Service.

Nabil (@ToolsWatch) and Boris (@JadedSecurity)


Rachid (@netpeas) and Kevin Mitnick (@kevinmitnick)


Nabil (@ToolsWatch) and Chris Hadnagy (@humanhacker)


Nabil (@ToolsWatch)  and Kevin Mitnick (@kevinmitnick)

Aside from its commercial dimension, RSA allows us  to meet with new technology partners from diverse backgrounds. With this in mind, we have sealed strategic partnerships with some world leaders in Vulnerability Management Solution and IT Security Services.

RSA is also outstanding keynotes & lectures given by the some of world greatest Security experts about computer attacks trends, cyber threats damages, cryptography, social engineering hacking and also the newest innovative Solutions to watch.

About RSA

RSA Conference is the most comprehensive forum in information security offering enterprise and technical professionals one-stop learning. Learn about the latest trends and technologies, get access to new best practices, and gain insight into the practical and pragmatic perspectives on the most critical technical and business issues facing you today


Five days, one event, one opportunity to see it all

One event brings all the security issues, answers and thought leaders together in one place – San Francisco. Over five days, RSA® Conference will deliver the latest, knowledge to protect your organization from threats today – and tomorrow.

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