The Need for Advancements in Browser Based Security

Thursday, March 08, 2012



The Online Trust Alliance (OTA) announced its executive director and president will provide an important update about advancements in browser based privacy and security innovation today.

Joining  representatives from OTA member companies in leading sessions at the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) Global Privacy Summit.  Supporting OTA’s commitment to privacy and data protection, AllClear ID, formerly Debix, has joined the OTA Steering Committee.

The "Why Your Browser Matters" Initiative: Value for Sites and Consumers” presentation by Craig Spiezle, executive director and president of OTA, will take place on March 8 at 2:30 - 3:30 at IAPP. Spiezle will provide an update on this strategic initiative aimed at providing teachable moments for users, over 50% of whom are using obsolete and unsafe browsers, to upgrade.

“Privacy and data protection is fast becoming a product and service differentiator. It is incumbent on business leaders to take a holistic view of these issues and understand how they are undermining consumer trust. With the recent news of the data collection and tracking missteps, now is the time for businesses to make privacy and data protection a priority or face legislation which can stifle innovation and commerce,” said Craig Spiezle, executive director and president, Online Trust Alliance.

Speakers from OTA members Evidon, Hogan Lovels, Microsoft, Symantec, TRUSTe, Zynga, and all are demonstrating leadership at the event, presenting at sessions from data security to privacy issues in banking, to healthcare and mobile applications. For more information on these key sessions including OTA members’ participation, please visit:

Spiezle and others are expected to provide insights into the recently-released White House Bill of Rights and the EU Data Protection Directive announced in January, including the importance of voluntary codes of conduct and self-regulatory efforts. 

"As the digital economy grows, the risks and issues regarding data collection, privacy and identity theft, are ones every business needs to address. As a leader in identity theft technology and data breach response, we joined OTA to further the development of best practices to protect users and their data. Privacy and data stewardship is a collective responsibility, and I look forward to working with OTA and its members to drive the adoption of best practices which instill trust and confidence in the internet," said Bo Holland, founder and CEO of AllClear ID.

The OTA Steering Committee is structured to include representatives of all facets of the internet ecosystem in order to provide balance and a 360-degree view of the issues and best practices.

About The Online Trust Alliance

OTA’s mission is to develop and advocate best practices, public policy and self-regulation to mitigate emerging privacy, identity and security threats to online services, brands, government, organizations and consumers.  By enhancing online trust and confidence, we can realize the potential of the internet, promote innovation and the vitality of commerce.


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