InfraGard Launches SMB 'State of Cyber Security' Study

Wednesday, January 11, 2012



NY Metro InfraGard has teamed with Ponemon Institute (, well-known for their independent research on privacy, data protection and information security policy, to conduct the study to call attention to the business risks associated with information processing, especially with inadequately protected systems.

The results of this study will call attention to this issue, provide a “report card” basis of comparison to similar organizations, and provide informational resources on cyber security to the SMB community.

Speakers and panelists at the launch will include:

•   John Rostern, Managing Director, Coalfire Systems

•   Keith O'Brien, Distinguished Systems Engineer, Cisco Systems
•   Rob Stephan, RSA

•   Thomas D. Smith, Director, Office of Cyber Security, NYS Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Services

•   Larry Ponemon, Ph.D., Chairman and Founder, Ponemon Institute

Small and medium businesses are the backbone of the American economy. They are often also part of our nation’s critical infrastructures or serve as an irreplaceable supply chain to the major infrastructure providers.

Recent well-publicized computer system breaches have clearly demonstrated that no business or government agency, large or small, is immune to attack.

It is in the interests of all to harden their systems to prevent damage or unintended release of the information that is the lifeblood of their operations. This study will help SMBs better understand the risks, the threats, and their current security postures.  

The launch event to be conducted on January 11, from 6:00 to 9:00 PM ET, is a free, live, video webinar from the studios at IGtv. The webinar will include a live “chat”, along with a conference call line for registered attendees.

To register, please visit and click on the “Monthly Security Summit” button.

NY Metro InfraGard (, a leader is risk management and critical infrastructure protection education, is a public/private partnership between the FBI, other Federal, state, and local law enforcement, government, academic, and private sector experts.


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