Sony Corporation Taps Philip Reitinger as First CISO

Tuesday, September 06, 2011



Sony Corporation has announced the appointment of former Department of Homeland Security Deputy Undersecretary Philip Reitinger as the company's first Chief Information Security Officer.

The announcement of Reitinger's appointment is the culmination of a heady year for Sony where information security issues are concerned.

The Sony breach saga began in April when the company announced that the PlayStation network servers had been hacked, exposing the records of more than 70 million customers. During the course of the investigation, Sony discovered that the company's Online Entertainment network had also been compromised, exposing another 25 million customer records.

After that it was all downhill for Sony corporation, with new security breach events being announced every few days. Security experts began to speculate on whether the rash of data loss events at Sony could threaten the long-term health of what has notably been a stable company for decades.

Sony's stockprice is still down more than 50% since the breach events began.

Reitinger had announced he was leaving the Obama administration effective June 3, 2011. He had previously served as the executive director of the Department of Defense's Cybercrime Center and at the Department of Justice as the deputy chief of the Computer Crime and Intellectual Property division.

Reitinger had also previously advised FEMA on cybersecurity emergency management as a member of the Federal Emergency Management Agency National Advisory Council while employed as a strategist for Microsoft.

He was instrumental in the development of national policy regarding the security of the critical information technology infrastructure, government networks and private sector systems.

"His leadership, intellectual rigor, enthusiasm and commitment to the mission and the people of NPPD have been a central feature in making our organization better," DHS Undersecretary Rand Beers had said.

During the tenure of the Obama administration, DHS has assumed the lead role in developing and implementing nation cybersecurity initiatives, and will continue to be central to coordination of interdepartmental leadership on issues related to national cybersecurity.

"The department has made tremendous strides in its cyber capabilities over the past few years, and Phil's energy and expertise will be missed," Senator Joseph Lieberman had said, ID-Conn, Chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

Hopefully Reitinger will similarly have a positive influence on security measures for Sony.

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