Vanguard Defense Industries Hit by AntiSec Hackers

Tuesday, August 16, 2011



Steve Ragan of The Tech Herald reports that the AntiSec hacker collective has breached the email account of Richard Garcia, the Senior Vice President of defense contractor Vanguard Defense Industries (VDI).

The firm was apparently targeted due to their business relationships with multiple federal and local law enforcement agencies, and the attackers plan to release several thousand emails and documents that were stolen in the operation.

According to Ragan's report, "VDI is the Texas-based firm responsible for ShadowHawk, an unmanned helicopter that can be tasked with aerial surveillance or equipped for military usage. At its base, the ShadowHawk comes with CCD TV optics, or an upgraded version includes CCD TV optics and FLIR optics. A third version, for military or law enforcement usage only, can be equipped with a single or multiple shot 37 mm or 40mm grenade launcher, as well as a 12g shotgun, and thermal cameras."

The report indicates that Garcia may also have been targeted because he formerly was the Los Angeles Assistant Director for the FBI, and the agency and their affiliates have been singled out by the AntiSec hackers as being favored targets for malicious assaults.

“Any private corporation supporting US military or law enforcement operations are legitimate targets in our eyes. InfraGard and the FBI are especially our enemies,”  an AntiSec proponent told Ragan in an exclusive interview.

The breach may have been due to an exploit of two outdated plugins employed on the firm's website which uses WordPress, a platform known to have vulnerabilities if not properly maintained.

According to Ragan's report, the breach may have also been successful due to Garcia's use of a weak password - reportedly "Gloria88" - which is short, uncomplicated, and lacks non-alphanumeric characters.


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