Facebook Scam: Casey Anthony Confession Video

Tuesday, July 12, 2011



NakedSecurity's Graham Cluley is warning readers of a fast-spreading scam on Facebook designed to line the pockets of the scammers through a form of click-fraud.

The operation lures Facebook users into distributing a link that professes to show an exclusive video of recently acquitted murder suspect Casey Anthony confessing her guilt in the mysterious death of her young daughter.

According to Cluley, Facebook users are being baited with enticements such as the following:

Casey Anthony confesses to lawyer in leaked video. Facebook scam

Once a user has clicked on the bait link, they are presented with the following popup which aims to add some legitimacy to the scam:

Casey Anthony confesses to lawyer in leaked video. Facebook scam

Cluely writes that this panel is designed to force targets to "share" the bogus video with their contacts prior to viewing the footage, which of course does not even exist.

Targets are then directed to a fake YouTube page where they are then asked to complete a survey:

Casey Anthony confesses to lawyer in leaked video. Facebook scam

The scammers are paid to collect the survey results, so the more victims that fall prey to the operation by sharing the bogus link and completing the survey, the more income they generate.

Though the scam does not appear to involve the distribution of malware or other infectious code, the designers could easily change the link destination for the purpose of compromising user's computers with a virus.

"If you got hit by this scam, make sure you have removed the entries from your news feed (to stop them being shared amongst your friends) and check your profile has not any unwanted 'Likes' under your 'Likes and interests'," Cluley writes.

Facebook is increasingly being used to do the dirty work of cyber crooks and scammers, and users should be wary of sensational enticements, even if the message appears to be coming from a trusted source.

If you encounter a suspicious posting, or if you just want to keep up on the latest news on Facebook security issues, users are invited to join the Sophos Facebook page.

Source:  http://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2011/07/10/leaked-video-of-casey-anthony-confessing-facebook-scam-spreads-quickly/

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