Higher-Ed Breach Madness: The Data Breach Final Four

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Alexander Rothacker


After this weekend’s action, the men’s NCAA basketball Final Four teams are all set and are packing their bags for Houston.

Will the “Cinderella story” of VCU prevail? Will Butler avenge last year’s championship game loss and pull it out this year? Or will one of the traditional national powers in Kentucky or UConn take home the title?

As the “Madness” continues, after publishing “An Examination of Database Breaches At Higher Education Institutions” last year, we thought it might be fun to take a look at which higher education institutions would make the “Data Breach Final Four”.

Based solely on the number of reported records breached in 2010, we put together brackets (PDF) for what we are calling the “2010 Higher Education Data Breach Madness.”

For some additional statistical analysis, please take a look at the “Final Four” teams from the past three years (see below), as well as year-to-year data breach totals from 2008-2010 and  the “all-time” breach stats.

So far, in 2011 (as of today), there have been 14 reported breaches, involving 81,835 records and the “leader” thus far is the University of Southern California (USC), with 31,000 reported records breached.

Will USC make the 2011 “Final Four” or will history prevail and yield far greater breach number in terms of records?

 2010 “Final Four”

  • 15-Dec-10          Ohio State University (750,000)
  • 19-Feb-10          Valdosta State University (170,000)
  • 15-Oct-10           University of North Florida (52,853/106,884 non-PII included)
  • 16-Jul-10             Buena Vista University (93,000)              

2009 “Final Four”

  • 25-Sep-09           University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (163,000 / 236,000 includes non PII)
  • 7-May-09            University of California, Berkeley (160,000)
  • 31-Dec-09           Eastern Washington University (130,000)
  • 11-Mar-09           Binghamton University (100,000)

2008 “Final Four”

  • 12-Nov-08           University of Florida College of Dentistry (330,000)
  • 7-Oct-08              University of North Dakota Alumni Association (84,554)
  • 6-Jun-08              Stanford University (72,000)
  • 14-May-08          *Oklahoma State University (70,000)
  • 28-Mar-08           *Antioch University (70,000)

* Denotes a tie for fourth place

All-Time (since they began tracking in 2005)

Total number of breaches 435; Total including non PII 8,521,020; Total w/o PII 8,005,416



Total number of breaches 57; Total including non PII 1,704,008; Total w/o PII 1,517,277



Total number of breaches 53; Total including non PII 1,029,227; Total w/o PII 931,662



Total number of breaches 77; Total including non PII 962,418; Total w/o PII 962,386


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