Cyber Security Strategies Summit in Washington, D.C.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ben Zvaifler


Join us at the Cyber Security Strategies Summit the 10-12 of May 2011 at the Kellog Conference Center in Washington DC.

Security has dominated the public discussion in recent years. From homeland security to enterprise security, privacy and protection have moved from a priority to a necessity.

The growing dependence on information has transformed our daily lives, making everyone accountable for the data they produce and distribute.

A new wave of cyber warfare has taken form, targeting our information, and threatening the stability and infrastructure of our nations government and corporations worldwide.

In response to this growing threat, security and privacy professionals have answered with innovative techniques in a constantly shifting environment.

Cyber Security Strategies Summit


Education is the key to navigating the security landscape,whether you are managing new initiatives, implementing new programs or designing new technologies, being informed is the deciding factor in winning the cyber war.

The Cyber Security Strategies Summit will focus on education in a digital world of uncertainty.

Geared towards enterprise and government security officers, the event presents case studies that will build on your knowledge in the industry as well as open your eyes to changes and innovations in the space.

Topics being covered will include:

  • Risk management techniques.
  • Information protection and privacy
  • Employee compliance and standards
  • Operation and security in the cloud
  • Mobile evolution and impact
  • Law enforcement and forensics

The event will offer the ideal environment for knowledge sharing and networking opportunities, while providing a stage for education. 

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ENTERPRISE: The enterprise security track is driven by industry case studies. Security experts from major companies will be presenting best practices in Cyber Security and Data Protection. Delegates that work in the private sector and would like to bring home new techniques and programs that are being implemented by other corporations should attend the enterprise track.

GOVERNMENT: Cyber security has become one of the most crucial issues facing the stability of our nation. Government agencies need to be equipped with the most up to date information available in the security environment. The Government track will discuss data protection, legislation, privacy and defending our nation against internal, international and terrorist threats.

MOBILE: The influx of smartphones is not just a convenient advancement in our daily lives; it is paradigm shift in our corporate and government security initiatives. The Mobile revolution is in full swing and integration is imperative. The mobile track will address delegates in both enterprise and government, with educational presentations of strategies and risks that will enable your organization to securely adapt to the changing tide.

CLOUD: The risks vs rewards of cloud computing is an imperative conversation to have, and at the center of it all is security. Is the cloud secure? Should we trust it? And how do we make the move safely? The hot button subject will be thoroughly addressed, with discussions that prove to be pertinent for both enterprise and government security officers.


  • Ron Baklarz - Chief Information Security Officer at Amtrak
  • Patricia Titus - VP and Global Chief Information Security Officer at Unisys
  • Jim Christy - Special Agent, Director of Future Exploration  at the  Department of Defense Cyber Crime Center
  • Bob Samson - Director of Information Protection and Privacy at Marriott
  • Patrick Howard - Chief Information Security Officer at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  • Stacy Arruda - Supervisory Special Agent at the FBI Cyber Crime Unit
  • Wade Baker - Director of Risk Intelligence at Verizon Business
  • Rick Harris - -Chief of Future Operations US-CERT, National Cyber Security Division at DHS
  • Sol Bermann - Lead Privacy Policy Development, Business Continuity, User Advocacy at the University of Michigan
  • Adam Meyers - Director of Cyber Security Intelligence at  SRA International
  • Jay Leek - VP of International Security at Equifax
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