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Go Ahead and Write Down Your Passwords

August 07, 2012 Added by:Boris Sverdlik

Another day, another password hack, and yet another reason not to reuse passwords... Here is a simple bash script to generate strong passwords. Port it to Python or even something more platform independent. Also, don't forget to set Auto Dismount to 15 minutes, so you don't leave it up and running...

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MSFConsole Prompt Fiddling

November 17, 2011 Added by:Rob Fuller

In my presentation at DerbyCon 2011 we talked about using SCREEN and SCRIPT to keep connections live / use them across SSH sessions, and log everything. What we didn't cover is the fact that there isn't a time stamp for those logs. Now, Metasploit has multiple ways of creating logs...

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Abusing Windows Virtual Wireless NIC Feature

October 09, 2011 Added by:Kyle Young

If the victim computers are part of a Windows domain and have wireless NICs, by automating Metasploit with a pass-the-hash attack and using my script, one could essentially automate deploying a series of rogue ap points throughout a domain. This would be kind of like a network worm...

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Using Temporary Files in Linux Scripts Securely

December 07, 2010 Added by:Jamie Adams

Some sysadmins who write scripts might store sensitive data in temporary files, don't restrict access to temporary files, and might forget to remove them from the system when they are no longer needed. In many cases, they use them when it isn't even necessary...

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