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The Automotive Industry: Stepping up on Defense

July 19, 2019 Added by:David Barzilai

As the in-vehicle technology continues to innovate, hackers are continuing to learn and find vulnerabilities to exploit.

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The Soaring Success of Cybercrime as a Company

March 22, 2018 Added by:A. N. Ananth

In a raging cyber war, it pays to think like cybercriminals and understand how they are organizing and operating as corporations. While enterprises won’t resort to cybercrime, we need to understand, outthink and outplay our adversaries at a strategic, not just tactical, level.

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The Third Party Threat

February 16, 2017 Added by:Michael Patterson

A data compromise is inevitable for companies wherever it might emanate from. Therefore an organizations’ ability to respond to an incident is key.

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When Ransomware Strikes: Does Your Company Have a Data Disaster Recovery Plan?

February 16, 2017 Added by:Jeff Erramouspe

Ransomware is rampant and those who commit the attacks aren’t discriminating against any industry, company size, or company location.

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The Bloody Battle of Website Defacement: “ISIS” Hackers vs. WordPress

March 13, 2015 Added by:Nimrod Luria

Eliminating defacement attacks on a WordPress site is extremely difficult because of the vulnerable nature of the platform. Administrators should continuously check for the appearance of unknown files and directories and monitor them for changes.

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Hacking Your Way Through Airports and Hotels

November 16, 2013 Added by:Anthony M. Freed

Want to know how to hack travelers and hotel networks in a matter of minutes? On a recent trip, Nabil Ouchn (@toolswatch) decided to do some some security analysis with a piece of hardware called the PwnPad – a penetration testing tablet – and a few other tools to see what kind of mischief he could get into.

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How The NSA Deploys Malware: An In-Depth Look at the New Revelations

October 08, 2013 Added by:Electronic Frontier Foundation

The template for attacking people with malware used by the NSA is in widespread use by criminals and fraudsters, as well as foreign intelligence agencies, so it's important to understand and defend against this threat to avoid being a victim to the plethora of attackers out there.

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Pentagon Ups Cyber Espionage Accusations Against China

May 07, 2013 Added by:InfosecIsland News

A new report from the Pentagon marked the most explicit statement yet from the United States that it believes China's cyber spying is focused on the US government, as well as American corporations.

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Brian Honan on Hacking Senior Management

March 28, 2013 Added by:Tripwire Inc

What are security professionals doing wrong that they can’t connect and communicate with their businesses’ senior management, asked Brian Honan, Principal of BH Consulting in our conversation at the 2013 RSA Conference in San Francisco.

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Chinese Whispers, Chinese Lies: Analyzing Mandiant's APT1 Report

March 25, 2013 Added by:Oliver Rochford

The foremost problem with the Mandiant report is that it relies on a view of China and the Chinese Cyber-Operations that has very little to do with situational conditions on the ground.

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APT1: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

February 21, 2013 Added by:Krypt3ia

I believe that Mandiant published the APT1 report primarily as a means of advertising and not much else. There is talk of the release being given the tacit nod by the government to push through the idea that there is a problem and that China is robbing us blind.

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Don’t Be Caught Playing the Fool (A Lesson in Why Change Control is Important)

January 03, 2013 Added by:Gary McCully

This is a real world story around the dangers of not following proper change control processes when placing new systems in production. In this blog I will discuss how one person’s actions could have resulted in an attacker gaining complete access to the organization’s internal network. I am hoping this example will cause organizations to take their change control processes a little more seriou...

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Refresher Series - Capturing and cracking SMB hashes with Cain and Half-LM rainbow tables.

December 20, 2012 Added by:f8lerror

On to the fun stuff, to capture a hash we want to use the Metasploit capture SMB auxiliary module, which is located in auxiliary/server/capture/smb. Leave the default settings with the exception of the CAINPWFILE. Set this to output the file where ever you like...

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How to turn any phone into a spy device with hardware hack

December 02, 2012 Added by:Plagiarist Paganini

Researcher Atul Alex has presented at the last edition of yhe International Malware Conference (MalCon) how it is possible to attack every mobile device with special hardware designed by using common electronic components...

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Defending Your Digital Domain Redux: Take 2

November 21, 2012 Added by:Rafal Los

I'll start with I'm not an expert on 'cyber warfare' or a lawyer offering legal advice, in fact I'd simply rather not touch that whole angle at all. I'm much more comfortable addressing this issue as it came up today from a more sensible perspective. What follows in this post is an editorial opinion...

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Post Exploitation Command Lists: Request to Edit

November 07, 2012 Added by:Rob Fuller

If you would like to contribute, please shoot me a tweet, a email, a... anything and I will gladly add you to the permissions to edit. Honestly it just became so overwhelming that every time I thought to add something I would cringe away because I know I'd spend most of time fixing them...

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