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Ransomware: Why Hackers Have Taken Aim at City Governments

August 19, 2019 Added by:Sam Bocetta

The only way to stop the trend of ransomware is for municipal organizations to build a reputation of having strong security defenses.

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What CEOs Need to Know About the Future of Cybersecurity

February 14, 2019 Added by:Steve Durbin

CEOs need to take the lead and take stock now in order to ensure that their organizations are better prepared and engaged to deal with these ever-emerging challenges.

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Navigating Dangerous Waters: the Maritime Industry’s New Cybersecurity Threat as Technology Innovation Grows

July 03, 2018 Added by:Jalal Bouhdada

Here is how the maritime industry can overcome cybersecurity challenges to enter the next generation of shipping.

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Centering Your Security Strategy on Leadership, Resilience and Fundamentals

March 16, 2018 Added by:Steve Durbin

Companies that prioritize well-equipped security programs and widespread security awareness are more prepared to grow, innovate and compete.

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Cyber Resilience Remains Vital to Sustaining Brand Reputation

October 07, 2016 Added by:Steve Durbin

Organizations face a daunting array of challenges interconnected with cybersecurity: the insatiable appetite for speed and agility, the growing dependence on complex supply chains, and the rapid emergence of new technologies.

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How to Calculate ROI and Justify Your Cybersecurity Budget

December 18, 2015 Added by:Ilia Kolochenko

If you speak with management about money – speak their language and you will definitely get what you need.

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From CSO to CIRO: Taking Charge of Third-Party Risk

December 02, 2015 Added by:James Christiansen

CSOs need to meet the challenge of third-party risk management head on. It’s time to execute on a larger risk strategy: managing the risk posture for your organization. This job is bigger than any single department—for any single company, in fact.

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Does Auditing Have a Role in Your Security Strategy?

March 11, 2014 Added by:Michael Fimin

In order to figure out where auditing should play a part in your security strategy, let’s start by defining what should be audited as part of a security plan. To do this, look first at how security is implemented in its most simple form and work backwards to auditing’s role in your strategy.

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Security As Risk Management

October 15, 2013 Added by:Robb Reck

The implementation of a risk management focused information security program not only increases the security of the organization, it increases the collaboration between security and other technical stakeholders, frees up security to do what it does best (instead of making business decisions) and improves the organization’s risk awareness.

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Deconstructing 'Defensible' - Too Many Assets, not Enough Resources

April 19, 2013 Added by:Rafal Los

In just about every organization (with little exception) there are more things to defend than there are resources to defend with. Remember playing the game of Risk, when you were a kid? Maybe you still have the game now... amazing how close to that board game your life in InfoSec is now, isn't it?

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Momma Said “Risk is Like a Box of Chocolates…”

April 10, 2013 Added by:Tripwire Inc

In the movie Forrest Gump, the main character comments, “life is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re gonna get.” I think the same can be said for risk.

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Managing Risk and Information Security: Protect to Enable

April 01, 2013 Added by:Ben Rothke

In Managing Risk and Information Security: Protect to Enable, author Malcolm Harkins deals with the inherent tension of information security – that between limitations and enablement.

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CISO Challenges: The Build vs. Buy Problem (2:2)

January 24, 2013 Added by:Rafal Los

In order to not incur additional risk to the business, the organization being outsourced to must be heavily vetted and contractually obligated to maintain secrecy and integrity. It can be done, but it's tricky, and requires work in due-diligence to ensure the result isn't a train wreck during a worst-case scenario...

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Developing and Implementing Strategy for Managing Risks in the Supply Chain

January 11, 2013 Added by:Michele Westergaard

The past three years have seen a number of man-made and natural disasters bring risk management demands to the forefront of executives and board directors. Fat-tail risks that have a low probability, but a very high impact to the organization, such as the Japanese tsunami, the Gulf of Mexico oil spill or the euro-zone liquidity crisis, have been front and center, creating a renewed interest in ent...

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Mobile Devices get means for Tamper-Evident Forensic Auditing

December 13, 2012 Added by:Michelle Drolet

In order to detect security breaches and guarantee compliance, tamper “proofing” has not been sufficient. When it comes time for a forensic audit, the ability to detect unauthorized changes to digital files becomes invaluable in an investigation...

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How I Learned to Love Incident Management

December 08, 2012 Added by:Tripwire Inc

Incident Management is particularly interesting in the light of the recent attacks on Vmware, Symantec and a host of other companies and internet properties. It all boils down to a fairly straight forward question…when an incident occurs, how does your security team respond?

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