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Sabu: The Latter Day Joey Pardella - Oh There Will be Lulz!

March 11, 2012 Added by:Infosec Island Admin

As the press is now digging into his past and finding all the fidly bits about Sabu, they turned up a big one in the fact that Monsegur attended Stuyvesant High in NYC, which is the very same high school where they filmed the cult hacker hit “Hackers” back in 1995. Smirk...

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FBI Issues Press Release on Anonymous - LulzSec Arrests

March 06, 2012 Added by:Headlines

Four Principal Members of “Anonymous” and “LulzSec” charged with computer hacking and fifth member pleads guilty; “AntiSec” member also charged with stealing confidential information from approximately 860,000 clients and subscribers of Stratfor...

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AntiSec, Stratfor, WikiLeaks, and Much Ado about Nothing

February 29, 2012 Added by:Infosec Island Admin

Some of us out there know a little bit about how intelligence works. While the likes of WikiLeaks rail about how some are using money and perhaps even sex to sway their sources, the reality is that this game has always been played this way. Intelligence is a dirty business...

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Cyber Defense Weekly: Symantec, Stratfor and SOPA

January 16, 2012 Added by:Cyber Defense Weekly

Internet companies are contemplating shutting down their sites in a day of protest against the egregious SOPA; Japan has contracted with Fujitsu to produce anti-malware malware; Symantec's source code has been stolen by a group of Indian hackers associated with Anonymous...

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Post-Breach STRATFOR Mailings: Fake vs Real?

January 07, 2012 Added by:Matthijs R. Koot

Infosec-savvy STRATFOR subscribers will look for clues to distinguish a fake email. Why would STRATFOR act in a manner that obfuscates four clues? STRATFOR knew about the breach since at least Dec 24/25, so I assume there has been time to advise on coping with fake mailings...

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Cyber Defense: Welcome to 2012 and Interesting Times

January 05, 2012 Added by:Cyber Defense Weekly

2011 was the year that state sponsored hacking finally came to national attention with hundreds of articles exposing the continued industrial and military cyber espionage credited to the likes of China and Russia. We can be sure that 2012 will bring more of the same...

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AntiSec, Stratfor, and the Coming Insurrection

January 04, 2012 Added by:Infosec Island Admin

It may be that you invited a stranger into your home and said stranger, as I warned at DEFCON, may not have your interests in mind. The idea of Anonymous I think has been co-opted by those who have a larger political agenda that is not your own. It may be one that will do you harm...

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Fallout from the Christmas Hack of Stratfor

January 03, 2012 Added by:Richard Stiennon

The most painful lesson the Stratfor hack is about to demonstrate is the importance of email security. Anonymous will be recruiting volunteers to analyze the 3.3 million emails they stole that have the potential for real harm equal to the infamous WikiLeaks State Department leak...

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Was Stratfor Breached By an Insider?

January 03, 2012 Added by:Jeffrey Carr

I'm not accusing Michael Mooney of being involved. I am, however, stating that attacks by insiders who hold a grudge against their employer are common and Mooney's position along with the circumstances around his departure will certainly be explored by law enforcement...

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Stratfor Hack Proves a Few Things

January 03, 2012 Added by:

How many more companies believe they can get by with half-baked security? Why are budgets being cut for information security by CIOs who just don’t get it? Why is it that organizations do business with other organizations without performing due diligence on the entity?

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