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Convenience vs. Control: Achieving the Right Security Balance

May 12, 2017 Added by:Kevin Cunningham

By embedding identity governance policy and controls throughout all IAM processes, organizations can achieve a healthy, sustainable balance between convenience and control.

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Brand Damage Through Information Access

June 20, 2013 Added by:Eric Chiu

In a competitive business environment, reputation is a critical differentiator. Any company that suffers from a major data breach, instigated by an employee with a small grudge and big access, could face devastating consequences to the corporate brand, and to the bottom line.

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The Five-Step Privilege Management Checklist for Financial Organizations

March 27, 2013 Added by:Paul Kenyon

Financial institutions sit at the top end of the scale for security and reputational risk, with their databases of customer information making them especially vulnerable to criminal interception and subject to regulatory obligations.

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Identity in the Modern Enterprise

March 12, 2013 Added by:Simon Moffatt

The view of IAM 1.0 (enterprise provisioning) and IAM 2.0 (federated identity, 'cloud' services and so) is continually evolving and it's pretty clear that identity management now has a greater role to play for many organisations, as they look to embrace things like increased mobility and out sourced service driven applications.

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The Blurring of the Business Identity

February 26, 2013 Added by:Simon Moffatt

The concept of a well defined business identity is blurring and this is causing a complex reaction in the area of identity and access management. Internal, enterprise class identity and access management (IAM) has been long defined, as the managing of user access as defined by approval workflows, authoritative source integration and well defined system connectivity.

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Security Metrics and the Balanced Scorecard

October 13, 2011 Added by:Steven Fox, CISSP, QSA

The business process metric ensures processes are meeting business requirements. The security team can use this information to identify where threats may have the greatest impact, to identify risks that are relevant, and to plan controls from the perspective of an attacker...

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