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Rallies Planned at Apple Stores to Protest FBI's Backdoor Court Order

February 17, 2016 Added by:InfosecIsland News

Rallies planned at Apple stores nationwide to protest court order pressuring the company to build a “backdoor” for the FBI to hack the iPhone

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Apple Fixes iOS SSL Validation Flaw That Enables Man-in-the-Middle Attacks

February 21, 2014 Added by:Mike Lennon

Apple has released iOS 7.0.6 which patches a flaw in iOS that enables a man-in-the-middle attack of encrypted (SSL) connections

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Identity Thieves Take a Bite Out of Apple

January 15, 2013 Added by:Kelly Colgan

Scammers are taking advantage of a product financing offer that presents identity thieves with the opportunity to fraudulently obtain instant credit approval to make online purchases. The crime is simple to carry out. All scammers need are the basic types of information commonly exposed in data breaches...

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Apple Shareholders Demand Security Risk Reports From the Board

October 19, 2012 Added by:Tripwire Inc

Apple shareholders recently made a request of Apple’s Board of Directors to provide a report regarding how Apple and its board oversees security and privacy risks. The request cites many of the recent privacy and security issues that have plagued Apple, making headlines and even leading to litigation...

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You Down with UDID? Yeah, You Know Me...

September 13, 2012 Added by:Tripwire Inc

The Internet is chock full of databases that map UDIDs to usernames, activities, location data, game scores, ad clicks as well as Facebook and other social media profiles. Even if you deleted an application from your phone the data can still persist in the Cloud...

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The Great UDID Hacker Cache: What's the Big Deal?

September 07, 2012 Added by:Rafal Los

Why am I calling this a psychological operation? From talking to people who would know - the UDID is just a tracking mechanism to link a device to a person. The fact that this has stirred such a sentiment against the federal government at a time when distrust of is already high is suspect...

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Hackers Grabbed Twelve Million Apple IDs from FBI

September 05, 2012 Added by:Dan Dieterle

Is the information legit? If so, why would an FBI agent have a list of twelve million Apple ID’s which in some cases can be used to access information just as a password would? And how did the hacker group exploit this particular agent’s laptop and recover information from it?

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Apple's Crystal Prison and the Future of Open Platforms

June 06, 2012 Added by:Electronic Frontier Foundation

Apps that require administrative privileges are impossible to install on an iOS device without jailbreaking it. This includes apps that let you firewall your device and secure your internet traffic with OpenVPN. Jailbreaking also helps security and privacy researchers to see if apps are leaking data...

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Symantec Reverse Engineers OS X Flashback Malware

May 14, 2012 Added by:Headlines

Symantec researchers reverse engineered components of the Flashback malware that recently infected more than 600,000 Mac systems and reveal that it was designed in part as a highly profitable ad-clicking operation that could be net the Trojan's creators $10,000 per day...

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Apple Releases OS X and Safari Security Updates

May 11, 2012 Added by:Headlines

Apple has released critical security updates for OS X and Safari to address several vulnerabilities which could allow an attacker to obtain sensitive information, execute arbitrary code, escalate privileges, conduct a cross-site scripting attack, or cause a denial-of-service...

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A Field Guide to Post-UDID Unique IDs on iOS

May 10, 2012 Added by:Fergal Glynn

Ongoing developments in the device-wide ID space focus on two dueling schemes and codebases: OpenUDID and SecureUDID. If you’re an iOS developer, this will serve as an introduction to the details of these systems, including their limitations and potential for data leakage...

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Applications Targeting Apple Products

May 03, 2012 Added by:Joel Harding

When I was told of a new mobile application distribution system which avoids Apple's scrutiny, my alarm antennas began quivering. Now combine this with who is doing it - Russian developers - and I get an even more dreadful feeling in the pit of my stomach...

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More on Banking 2.0 - Who Ya Gonna Trust?

May 01, 2012 Added by:Ben Kepes

Banks sit on a far higher level of the trust spectrum than do companies like Google and Apple – at least in consumers minds. A study commissioned in 2010 that found that telecoms were seen as the second most trusted group, after banks, for securing personal information...

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Researchers Analyze Flashback Trojan Botnet Traffic

May 01, 2012 Added by:Headlines

Researchers, who successfully tool over C&C servers, noted that nearly two out of three infected systems are running Snow Leopard OS X 10.6 which included Java preinstalled. Less vulnerable are systems running Lion OS X 10.7, unless users manually downloaded Java after purchase...

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Yet Another Flashback Variant Targeting Mac OS X

April 26, 2012 Added by:Headlines

Another Flashback Trojan malware variant has been discovered, and this one is even more insidious than those already identified - it can silently infect a Mac user's device. Flashback.S can stealthily infect a system without having tipped the victim off by requesting a password...

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Flashback - Are You Joking? There is No Malware for Mac!

April 23, 2012 Added by:Plagiarist Paganini

We must remember that in any software there will be vulnerabilities that could be exploited for criminal purposes. To give you an immediate idea of the malware available for the Mac environment, I produced a table that lists the main agents detected by a well known antivirus...

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