Phishing With Google Wave

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

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Hat tip to cyberlocksmith for this post. He pointed me to a good article on how to phish Google Wave users using malicious gadgets. This is precisely what Tom Stracener and I were talking about in our presentation at DefCon and Blackhat a few years back - except this is for Wave instead of iGoogle. Either way the point is the same - when you let other people control content that is embedded in your site, you are at the mercy of whatever they chose to do within that gadget. In this case, they can pop the user out of the iframe and present them with a duplicate of the sign-in page. The vast majority of users would fall for this kind of attack too.

I really don’t mean to harp too much on Google specifically for this stuff (in as much as I have countless times in the past held them accountable for their crappy security). There are lots of other companies and websites that are moving to user supplied gadgets in an iframe as if that makes them safe. Maybe some variant of HTML5 + some trickery can solve these problems, but there’s a lot of legacy users who won’t be able to support those standards for a good long while. In the mean-time, we just continue to see more vulnerable code being outputted by Google and their peers and the only saving grace is that no one has yet decided to take advantage of their security flaws. Scary. But I’m sure a blacklist will solve their problems if and when they do get attacked, right? Right?

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